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I have decided not to make all the clothes for my baby myself. But cardigans are an exception. I find it really hard to find nice warm cardigans with reasonable prices. And since my baby is going to be an autumn baby, she will need warm clothes, especially since we’re living in Austria !

At the beginning of september, the talented Anna was looking for knitters on Ravelry to test her new pattern, the noisette cardigan. I’m a beginner knitter, I knit very slowly, I was 7 months pregnant, I had never done a test knit before and several techniques necessary for this pattern were totally new to me. But I don’t know why, I decided to give it a try anyway and I got in ! I was terribly happy ! And terribly stressed at the same time that I wouldn’t manage to finish on time. Which actually happened because I had to reorder one skein just a few days before the deadline and I finished a few days late. I hope my comments were useful anyway… Anna if you read me, sorry again that I was late.

What are we talking about ?

Noisette cardigan available on Ravelry ou directly on Anna’s website, Along avec Anna. It’s a child’s cardigan, knitted bottom-up with popcorn stitches on the body, raglan sleeves and an I-cord finish.

How is it knitted ?

I used a bit more than 3 skeins of Merino Extra Fine from Drops Design for the size 6 months. The color is the violet 21 and it’s actually much more violet than in the pictures, less blue. It’s a dark violet but much more vibrant than on Drops website.

The pattern says to use 3,5 mm needles for the cardigan and 3,25 for the Icord. I needed 3mm neddles for the cardigan according to my gauge and I knitted the I-cord in 3 as well because I didn’t have any smaller needles. It doesn’t bother me much but the result with smaller needles might be a little nicer when the bow is tied.

Is it a good pattern?

Absolutely ! I found the pattern really easy to understand and I very happy with the result. I’m a beginner knitter and I often find myself in trouble when the pattern is not clear enough. If it just tells you to “decrease evenly” I find it to vague for me. I still need to be told exactly what to do 🙂

Anna even gives links to help you master the different techniques and I find it very thoughtful of her.

I had never knitted bottom-up before and I had trouble finishing the sleeves. When my grafting was finished, I still had little holes left and right of the grafting. I improvised to fill the holes but clearly I was missing something here. I looked it up but so far no luck. I had the same problem with the maile sweater I just finished whereas I haven’t had any problem before when knitting top-down. If anyone knows a good tutorial, please let me know !

It was the first time I had to pick up stitches, knit popcorn stitches and an I-cord. Told you, beginner knitter here ! My knit is not very regular but other than that I am pretty proud of myself 🙂

When knitting, the popcorn stitches tend to be more visible on the wrong side. Anna says in the pattern that they should reveal themself on the right side after blocking but it wasn’t the case for me. I think it comes from the wool I used and the fact that I tend to knit loose rather than tight. I personnaly chose to reveal the popcorns stitches one by one while knitting by twisting them a little on the right sides. The ones that I accidentaly forgot tend to stay on the wrong side even after blocking.

Is it modified ?

Nope. It was a test so no modification. Moreover, I don’t think it needs any !

Will I knit it again ?

Maybe a less warm version with a yarn that is less loose. I am thinking about the Cotton Merino from Drops maybe.


What about you, do you like this pattern ?








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