Easy little baby leggings (Free pattern inside ! )

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For my future baby, I decided that I would sew with organic fabrics or upcycled fabrics as often as possible. And what better way to upcycle old clothes and use scraps than baby clothes ?

I had too few trousers for her so I decided to make a few little leggings by copying a pair I had in her cupboard. The size is a 68.

I simply put the leggings on a piece of paper, draw around it and then added a 1cm seam allowance. Real easy and in one afternoon I had four new little leggings !

The striped ones are made in an old T-shirt that was really too small for me. To be fair I bought it as a teenager 😀 The three other ones are made in old thin turtleneck jumpers.

By cutting the legs in the arms of the turtlenecks, I avoided having to hem the legs. And the turtleneck of the blue-green sweater was exactly the size of the leggings belt. Another 10min spared, yeah !

The squirrel fabric is a teeny tiny scrap I’ve been having for more than 3 years but I couldn’t find a project small enough to use it. I am really happy I finally found the opportunity !

To sum up, a quick and easy project but one that made me really proud 🙂

If you want to do the same, you can upload the pattern for free. It’s a size 68, so approximately 4-6 months. A 1cm seam allowance is included. Hem is 3cm.

Baby leggings pattern 4-6 months english

How to use the pattern

  1. Print the 2 pages. Be careful to print in real size. When printed, measure the 2x2cm square to check that you have the right size.
  2. Tape together the two parts of the legs 2A and 2B along the red line.
  3. Cut the pieces in your fabric. You should have one belt (piece 1) and two identical leggs (piece 2 )
  4. Pin the two leggs together, right side of the fabric together and sew like shown by the arrow number 4.
  5. With the right sides  together, sew like shown by the arrow number 5.
  6. Pin the two small sides of the belt together, right sides together, and sew. Iron. You now have a ring of fabric.
  7.  Fold the belt again by putting the long sides together. This time the wrong sides are together. Iron. You still have a ring but a thinner one.
  8. Turn the sewed leggs on the right side. Put the belt ring around the leggs, right sides together. The open side of the belt should be up. Sew the belt and the leggs together. Be careful before sewing : If your fabric has a directional print, like my little squirrels, check before sewing that it won’t be upside down.
  9. Turn the belt up and iron the seam allowances. You can trim them or sew them with a double needle if you want.
  10. Hem if you need to.
  11. Give it a good press aaaaand you’re done !
Tempted ?
If you use the pattern I’ll be more than happy to see your little leggings !




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