About me

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Hello Reader ! Welcome to my blog.


Who am I ?

Hi, I’m Alice, a thirty-something frenchy living in Vienna, Austria with my boyfriend and my cat.

What’s the blog about ?

Be the change you want to see in the world.” It’s the starting point. So basically, it’s about me trying to improve my life and thus the world. Quite ambitious, right ? I’ve never been a well-organized person, ideas are bouncing in my head, one is always kicking the other out and I feel like I never manage to actually put the ideas into action. The result is that I feel I always lack time when I would want to become a healthier, creative, environmental-friendly person.

One day I realized that the amount of time I have wasn’t the issue. All it would take, was for me to go slowly, step by step. I’m aloud to dream big, it’s recommended even. But when it comes to action, only one step at a time will work. One daily little change after another.

Well that’s nice, but concretely, what’s the blog about ?

Ecological stuff : Zero waster wannabee. What’s to change ? Stop feeling guilty and actually do something to reduce our waste.

DIY : I’m a craft addict : sewing, knitting, paper scrapping, anything that allows me to create something with my hands. What’s to change ? Manage to have more time to do what I like. Stop starting so many projects at the same time so that they’re really meaningful not just more waste and actually get them finished.

Gardening : Terrace gardener. Goal ? Produce organic veggies I love on my terrace without wasting water or resources.

Cooking : I love food and cooking so much it became part of my job but… What’s to change : Eat healthier (more vegetables, less fat and meat) but tastier, cook more often to avoid processed food but spend less time in the kitchen, avoid food waste.

Getting organized : Looks like it’s actually the key point, right ? I’ll never be the most organized person but I’m pretty sure I can do better if only I try.

Why blog about it ?

  1. Stay motivated : This blog will provide a record of all the tiny improvements in our life that make a big change in the end

2. Keep track of all the little experiments (and failure !) I make

3. Exchange with others (it means you guys !)

What about you, ever wanted or tried to shake things up in your everyday life ?